Hiring and Working with a HubSpot Consultant

April 11, 2023 | Hiring and Working with a HubSpot Consultant

Understand how to hire a HubSpot consultant and then work with them to accomplish your goals.

Can I hire a HubSpot consultant?

There are hundreds of HubSpot agencies and consultants available. Many SMBs hire outside help to fix existing issues and access on-demand support. Hiring a HubSpot consultant is often better than hiring a full-time employee. Hiring a HubSpot consultant will return a higher ROI if you have a limited budget.

What does a freelance HubSpot consultant do?

A HubSpot consultant provides expert advice on using the HubSpot platform. They help businesses optimize their marketing efforts. Services include:

  • Providing strategic advice
  • Setting up campaigns
  • Optimizing performance
  • Creating content strategies
  • Tracking analytics, and
  • Providing data-driven insights

Most consultants perform other services, too. Ask about your specific needs when discussing a consulting engagement.

How do you hire a freelance HubSpot consultant?

There are many options available for hiring a HubSpot consultant. Start by looking at partners and providers in the HubSpot Solutions Directory. Many other marketplace websites and platforms can connect you with experienced HubSpot consultants.

You can also look for agencies that specialize in providing HubSpot consulting services. Many freelancers offer their services on a project basis or as part of an ongoing contract.

It is essential to do your research before hiring a HubSpot consultant. Ensure they have the suitable skill set and experience to meet your needs.

Consider their experience, skillset, and rates. Verify that they are HubSpot certified. They should have a good understanding of B2B marketing, too. Ask for evidence of past work. Ask for references. Request a written proposal, then sign a formal contract to protect yourself.


Hiring a HubSpot consultant offers many advantages over hiring a full-time employee. Locate prospective consultants through reputable sources such as HubSpot's Partner Directory. Ask as many questions as you need to decide which person best fits your needs. To avoid scope creep or misunderstandings, write the scope of work to accompany the contract.