Upscale Home Improvement Goods Manufacturer

Creating Order that Boosted Business

HubSpot went from a problem to a positive addition.

The client is a decades-old manufacturer of upscale home improvement products. They have a network of authorized dealers. They sell and install these products for homeowners.

The head of marketing joined after HubSpot had been in use for a while. He discovered that many attempts to date aimed to capture as much value and insight as possible. Unfortunately, they got a system that could not help him improve the business.

The engagement began by fixing certain forms intended to bring leads into HubSpot. After investigating, we found that the website forms were not HubSpot forms. They were not connected to HubSpot either.

We exported the leads trapped in the CMS and imported these. His sales team focused on this new backlog. We worked with their web agency that replaced all non-HubSpot forms with embedded HubSpot forms.

This resulted in leads flowing into the system. This resolution was an immediate win within a few days.

Further inspection of the client's HubSpot revealed many other issues.

Hundreds of leads sat assigned to salespeople no longer with the company. These were immediately reassigned to the current, correct salesperson.

The client and I built a new territory map based on ZIP codes. A new global workflow now sorted form submissions to the correct salesperson. We reprocessed the entire database to assign the right owners. Each salesperson now received internal notifications within minutes when assigned a new contact. Tasks created for a follow-up process drove awareness of missed opportunities.

Reporting gave management visibility into how each salesperson managed their tasks. This is a large workflow that continues to empower sales efforts.

We built many marketing campaigns to support private events. This included sending invitations and reminders. The client used both email and SMS, too. 

The client's use of our talents grew to include updating their online catalog. The current flip page tool did not support HubSpot integrations. The client requires users to register for access. We worked once more with the web agency on a fix. We installed a better flip page tool. Now leads register for access to view catalogs plus request hard copies sent to their homes. And their data goes into the CRM.

Further work included:

  • Ongoing data and systems maintenance
  • New integrations
  • Advising on strategy and technologies to achieve goals, and
  • Support to internal users for specific issues

The relationship is ongoing.