Having managed HubSpot for multiple companies - from fresh, blank installs that needed building from the ground up to established instances that needed considerable repair - I have accomplished positive outcomes repeatedly.

If you want an external, objective perspective on your marketing and HubSpot practices, I can be the advisor to help.

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My experience with HubSpot began in 2012 at a healthcare SaaS startup in Seattle. I had been a marketing generalist since becoming a marketer in 2003. Then I discovered HubSpot's amazing content that actually taught me new skills. The platform has changed immensely since then. What has not changed is the great brand it is that has helped me become the marketer I am all these years later.

I have introduced multiple organizations to HubSpot when they were ready for a better solution. I have also entered organizations with HubSpot that needed a lot of love and attention to show how powerful it is.

My work with clients now involves a wide variety of business types. What they all have in common is a drive to excellence for their customers and associates alike. I work with clients I like. That results in a truly productive relationship that is also satisfying.

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