Geoff Tucker

HubSpot Consultant


Career B2B marketer experienced in end-to-end marketing automation with HubSpot, content marketing tailored to the ideal customer profile, marketing campaigns employing channels that matter to the audience, and core analytics for reporting.


As a full platform administrator on HubSpot since 2011, I have broad competencies in setting up HubSpot for new instances, and optimizing existing ones through audits, corrections, and enhancements.My experience also includes training others to become capable users, from the C-suite to frontline team members.I work with Marketing and Sales leaders to design workflows that surface vital leads and streamline outbound marketing that fuels inbound lead generation.My roles encompass working with and managing copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, web designers, video production, and similar that raise the brand profile and create engaging experiences.

Contact Me

Available from 10 to 30 hours per week from the Central Time Zone, whether you want project specific assistance or general HubSpot production and support, let's have a conversation.