B2B HubSpot Marketing Consultant With Over a Decade of Experience

As a certified HubSpot Consultant, I partner with CMOs and Directors of Marketing in need of HubSpot expertise to ensure their marketing teams have the best automated marketing systems that drives consistent leads.

The ideal team augmentation is for small & medium sized businesses with $5-50m ARR.

Simple package pricing for specific deliverables and retainer programs available.

Available HubSpot Services

Expert HubSpot services packaged into standardized deliverables


Workflow Audit

  • Review each active workflow to identify its purpose
  • Document triggers and steps
  • Recommendations to improve, consolidate, repair, or delete
    $74 per workflow, 10 workflow minimum

Workflow Repair

  • Fix all issues from audit
  • Consolidate and standardize for triggers and data hygiene
  • Create net-new workflows for stability Document new workflows for user reference
    $69 per workflow, 10 workflow minimum

Form Fix

  • Audit and document all active forms
  • Fix errors
  • Cross check against workflows and lists
  • Update fields: HubSpot default and custom
  • Organize into proper groups
  • Annotate descriptions
  • Document each so users have reference material
    $99 per form, 10 form minimum

Contacts & List Cleanse

  • Audit and document all active lists
  • Archive static lists
  • Organize into folders
  • Establish naming convention
  • Verify against relevant workflows
  • Identify contacts for purge; purge upon approval 
  • Identify gaps in data, recommendations to resolve
  • Resolve marketing v non marketing 
  • Create new lists for current requirements
  • Document each so users have reference material
    $69 per list, 10 list minimum

Campaign Corrector

  • Audit specific requested campaigns
  • Confirm continuity in flow (strategy)
  • Confirm settings correctly done advise on improvements: design, copy, CTA validate workflow logic Create or adjust/repair
  • Reporting evaluate historic send reports to identify ways to improve document each so users have reference material
    $299 per campaign, 10 campaign minimum

Industry Partner

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Retainer Programs

HubSpot Expertise at a Fraction

Prefer not to hire an FTE? Lack of budget for headcount? Need more flexibility?

Retainer programs enable you to have a set number of hours per month with access to a full suite of HubSpot expertise.

Book a consultation call to discuss your needs.

Fractional HubSpot Service & Support

  • 10 hours per week $999 per week per 3 month agreement
  • 15 hours per week $1350 per week per 3 month agreement
  • 20 hours per week $1699 per week per 3 month agreement

1-on-1 Training & Coaching

  • Customizable format and topics to your needs.
  • Get customized, expert HubSpot Training videos from a certified HubSpot Consultant with over 10 years of experience.
  • Lower rates for longer service period

    $399 per 75 minute session, up to 5 people in session, 4 session minimum